International Youth Meeting: Europe of Youth – Europe of Peace

Photo: Michał Łepecki

The International Youth Meeting in Wapienne (Małopolska), co-organized by the Villa Decius Association, starts on the one-hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of WWI.

The world that you live in was designed by the results of the II. World War

Lecture of prof. Norman Davies. Photo: Paweł Mazur

The day when Norman Davies, outstanding British-Polish historian unexpectedly agrees in the morning on giving a lecture for the students of Visegrad Summer School is called Thursday.

Are you sure that parallel narratives never meet?

The human face of Central and Eastern Europe shows itself through sharing cultural identity by telling common stories which we all understand. Can it strengthen the ties connecting us?

Europeanization versus self-colonization

Have you ever thought about Central-Eastern Europe as a colony of the West? Do you consider homo sovieticus an endangered species? Tuesday’s report from Visegrad Summer School shows how our answers to these questions were.

The legitimacy of civil society

The second term of Visegrad Summer School started with a lecture day about the current state of education and about the challenges of civil society in the Visegrad countries.