Workshops during 14. Visegrad Summer School

Whorpshop: Understand but do no harm. Writng in a multicultural age – Marcin Żyła

In the spring of this year Europe faced one of the biggest humanitarian catastrophes in recent time. Almost 2,000 migrants trying to reach southern shores of our continent died or went missing in the Mediterranean Sea. Every month thousands of war and economic refugees desperately want to make their way to Europe. It’s almost certain that migration will become a growing and permanent part of our future.

This poses several questions: about European identity and borders, Western responsibility for current situation in the Middle East and North Africa, about roots of poverty, models of multiculturalism and future of tolerance. Increasingly, however, the challenges of migration are also being considered

Programme of 14. Visegrad Summer School

We invite you to see the programme of 14th  Visegrad Summer School, which will  be held from 5 to 18 July 2015. In this year we received 484 applications from students, graduate students, young teachers and journalists from 30 countries.

Visegrad Summer School participants have been announced!

The fourteenth edition of the Visegrad Summer School has attracted lots of candidates from diverse backgrounds. We have received 484 applications demonstrating a wide array of intellectual undertakings, educational qualifications and professional experiences.

14. Visegrad Summer School - call for applications

14. Visegrad Summer School will be held from 5 July 2015 to 18 July 2015. Call for applications is open from 1 March 2015. Each candidate should register at and provide an on-line application form.

Start of the Visegrad Academy of Cultural Management in Villa Decius

The Visegrad Academy of Cultural Management (VACuM) is staring on September 1 in Villa Decius. The Academy constitutes training sessions for young cultural managers from 10 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Moldavia, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary.