25 x 25 Dialogue of cultures

25 x 25 Dialogue of cultures - Foto: Paweł Mazur

This year marks the 25. Anniversary of the Polish-German Treaty of Good Neighbourship and Friendly Cooperation. Referring to this special occasion, the programme of the fourth day of the Visegrad Summerschool thematised historical retrospect and trilateral cultural dialogue.

Future of the University in Central Europe – interactive lecture

Future of the University in Central Europe – interactive lecture - Foto: Paweł Mazur

An interactive lecutre on university education in V4 countries and in the EU was held by Samuel Abrahám, rector of and lecturer at the Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (BISLA), also lecturer at the department of political science at the Comenius University in Bratislava.

Ressources! Make them out! - session of the Culture Lab

Messages, values and needs

The participants were taught on this day the importance of messages: such as lectures, books and speeches have a very clear message in the end, so should also cultural projects. Łucja Piekarska-Duraj wanted the participants to think about their personal heroes they named the day before: “What motto, what message could they have to transmit?“ Some of the mottos the group members came up with were “Don't be a fool“ (referring to August Landmesser who rejected the Hitlergruß in 1936), “No pain, no game“ (referring to Andrássy Gyula, Hungarian statesman and insurgent against Habsburg), “Culture needs equality“ (referring to Shushanik Khurginyan, an influencial Armenian feminist writer).

Creation, innovation, synergy

Creation, innovation, synergy Labs - Foto: Paweł Mazur

Science to business

Today’s VSS workshops started from the meeting with Karol Szyndzielorz who is currently the advisor of the Executive Board of Simens Polska. He began his professional career as a daily reporter in „Życie Warszawy”, he also worked as a foreign correspondent. He was an observer of many important historical moments like 1968 in Prague or the Round Table debates in Warsaw in 1989. He worked for global companies like Zasada (Mercedes Polska), Media Group in 1996. We also had an opportunity to discuss with our guest such actual topics like education providing innovation in modern societies, new tendencies in green technologies. He underlined that „Skills of skilled people worth more than money”.

Writing for local space and responsibility

Writing for local space and responsibility - Foto: Paweł Mazur

The first meeting in Academia Lab started with acquaintance with … Felix Caputu and the participants of the group. We shared our expectations from this course and started discussion about academic writing.