16. Visegrad Summer School starts in 3... 2.. 1...

Participants from all over the world are getting ready to reach Villa Decius for its 16th edition of Visegrad Summer School! This edition will host eminent scholars together with experts from different fields – business, NGOs, diplomacy, and much more -, who will offer their experience and unique perspective on the different topics that will be discussed during the meetings.

During the labs and workshops that will take place during these weeks, the participants will be then assisted by our experts in the areas of business, academia, and cultural heritage. The Visegrad Summer School, however, is not only about lectures and workshops! In addition to that, our participants will visit two exhibitions: Images of the Unseen by Omar Marques - a well-know photojournalist whose pictures have been published in Times, The Guardian, CNBC, and other relevant international journals – and Vaclav Havel In A Nutshell, during the session dedicated to Poland and Czech Republic. Then, they will discover the beauties that our Malopolska region has to offer during some guided tours, enjoy a concert by Zarebski Piano Duo, and relax during the multicultural party that will be hosted in the beautiful garden of the Villa.


We can’t wait to meet all of you!yes


The full program of the VSS is available here: