More and more important

The official press conference opened the first day of the 12. Visegrad Summer School. Danuta Glondys, the director of the Villa Decius Association hosted the representatives of the governments of the four Visegrad Group states, the media and the organisers of this year edition of the VSS.

As underlined in a short briefing – this year the VSS organisers received around 400 applications from no less than 25 European states which means that there was about 8 candidates for a place in the project that has already been graduated by 600 alumni. This is a clear evidence of what Zbigniew Krużyński, the  national coordinator of Visegrad cooperation in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, terms as “the growing importance of the VSS”. Indeed, the project seems to be one of the most meaningful examples of what is called “a human dimension” of the Visegrad cooperation. As Iván Gyurcsik, an Ambassador of Hungary to Poland, stated - that’s also one of the priorities of the Hungarian Presidency in the Visegrad Group that was launched on the same day as the VSS.

Ziemowit Jóźwik