Brontosaur can’t become a rabbit

Indeed, it can’t. But what shall be done to push it forward? The answer of Anna Danilewicz and Jean-Pierre Deru is simple. We need more creativity.

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Dictators overthrow themselves

The debate on the role of the media was aimed at some more general consideration of the topic. Are the media shaping the reality – or is that the reality that influences media?

Media creates the reality…

But the reality shapes media landscape as well. That’s somewhat brutal truth might serve as the brief conclusion of the inaugural debate of the first day of the second week of the 12. Visegrad Summer School.

Central and Eastern European shalom

Well, the weekend is generally seen as the time for rest. In case of the 12. Visegrad Summer School this is just partly true. Instead of workshops or lectures the participants were travelling through the places and times.