Admiring the "painted village" Zalipie during 18. VSS

By myself (User:Piotrus) - Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Zalipie, 6th July, Saturday

Dear participants of the 18. Visegrad Summer School!

We are going to take you to the one of the most unique and beautiful spots in Poland – Zalipie. It is a small village located in Malopolska, called the “painted village” in which you find houses ornamented in beautiful floral patterns. However, not only the houses are beautifully decorated, but also wells, cowsheds, utensils, napkins, clothing or fences!

The custom of painting houses began over 100 years ago and was created for a simple reason – the need to maintain cleanliness in rooms with sooty walls. At the beginning, women from Zalipie did so-called “packi”, i.e. irregular spots on the walls. Over time, they began to use colors and compose various shapes in which flowers and flourishes dominated. What is important, the shapes were hand-painted without use of any templates (also today!). In the following years, women from Zalipie began decorating home furnishings, furniture and clothing. At some point, some canons of decoration were created (especially buildings and rooms). Paint types have been also changed over the years, thanks to which the paintings could enjoy longer. After World War II, the “head” of the painters was Felicja Curyło. It was here initiative to create the House of Painters in Zalipie, so that the creators could meet and share their experience. Today, they also run painting workshops, where participants learn how to paint Zalipian shapes (we will also do it!).

It must be added that not all houses in Zalipie are decorated with fanciful flowers, they are scattered throughout the village (we will watch them!). In one of these houses – home of Felicja Curyło – a museum was created where you can admire her beautiful art.

We can’t wait for this exciting tour!