16. Visegrad Summer School – 2-15 July 2017

16. Visegrad Summer School will be held from 2nd to 15th of July 2017. This edition will focus on creation, innovation and synergy fueled by experts, new students and a group of selected Alumni.

VSS will draw upon know-how gathered through 15 years, as well as feedback delivered by donors, experts, partners and students. Will reflect on and develop achievements in new format of 15. edition i.e.

intra-disciplinary creative design thinking labs. 2-week programme will be composed of political, economic, social and cultural topics, current for V4 and EU. The traditional highlights of the programme: inauguration, that

gathers the most eminent people of a public life, open debates and lectures that explore driving topics in Europe and beyond, will be enriched by innovative and cooperative ways of advanced skills teaching

in 3 areas: Academia, Business and Culture.

Strategic partner and donor of the Visegrad Summer School from its first editon - International Visegrad Fund - confirmed its contribution for 2017. School will be organized by the Villa Decius Association in Krakow with proven Partners from Hungary - Cracovia Express Foundation (Budapest), Slovakia - Centre for Research of Ethnicity and Culture, Ukraine - National Association of Regional Development Agencies (Kiev), and new Partner from the Czech Republic - Václav Havel Library (Prague).

Call for application will be announced and on-line recruitment of participants will start on March 1, 2017.