Recruitment to 13 edition of the Visegrad Summer School

We are very happy to inform that until today we have received 367 full applications and that 593 profiles of candidates were open by candidates who come from 29 countries. The process of recruitment will close on 30 April with announcement of the approved candidates. Each candidate should register and provide an on-line application form.

The Visegrad Summer School is educational programme which provides an interdisciplinary learning space for young Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak students, and for their peers from other Central and Eastern European countries. The project aims to deepen knowledge on regional and global challenges, eliminate mutual stereotypes and build ties and friendly relations. Previous editions of the School were attended by almost 600 people from: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, France, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Germany, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

How to apply