Start of the Visegrad adventure

The 12. Visegrad Summer School has officially begun. After long journeys all participants arrived in hazy – but still welcoming royal capital city of Kraków. Coming from different places, backgrounds and fields of interest, they all share a common enthusiasm and some unique sense of Visegrad community that neither can be explained, nor understood by a person who has not taken part in the VSS. Be it a Serbian girl studying in Poland or a Polish one studying in Hungary; A Pole who’s fluent in Hungarian or a Hungarian speaking Polish – all participants have that inexplicable intuition of some “special relationship” between the Central and Eastern European nations. Sharing a bitter experiences of the past and tough challenges of the future – they came here to delve into the inspiring interdisciplinary examination of our (quoting Czesław Miłosz) “Native Europe”.

All gathered in the marvelous renaissance Villa Decius they are looking forward to the fascinating workshops, lectures and the brilliant people they’re going to meet during the unforgettable two weeks of the 12. Visegrad Summer School.


Ziemowit Jóźwik