Freedom is not given for granted – official inauguration

“Freedom and solidarity – that’s what the Visegrad Summer School is also about” – stated Danuta Glondys, the director of the Villa Decius Association. These are the words that the people of the Central and Eastern Europe shall give a special importance. Freedom is a value that is never given for granted. It has to be guarded and defended. Solidarity means that a help should be offered to anyone who needs it.

“Indeed, the time of courage is coming” – added Magdalena Sroka, a Deputy Mayor of the host city of Kraków. She claimed that in the times of current crisis, the young generation of Europeans has to be brave to stick to their values or ideals and remember about the human dignity – a fundament of humanistic civilisation.

Therefore: freedom, solidarity and dignity – these are the three pillars that form the normative framework on which the Visegrad Summer School and the future of Central and Eastern Europe shall be based on.

Ziemowit Jóźwik