Promoting Independent Media Through Desktop Publishing - Program of Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity Foundation for Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Moldavian and Caucasus Region countries communities

“Promoting Independent  Media Through Desktop Publishing” Program
Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity Foundation
The program "Promoting Independent  Media Through Desktop Publishing"is addressed to these Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Moldavian and Caucasus Region countries communities, which are ready to overcome obstacle, barriers and animosity among various nations. It is addressed to these who are open to democracy, ready to fight with any attempts of the state to control free thoughts and speech. This program should serve organizations, which believe that freedom of speech means not only political freedom but it also creates opportunity to communicate with the others, who are on the other side of the state borders. Program aims at promoting reconciliation and cooperation among various nations in Central and Eastern Europe.
In order to achieve these objectives orgaqnizers would like to provide program participants with technical knowledge facilitating clear and meaningful communication. Within its framework they plan to train 15 participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belaruss, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. During their biweekly stay in Poland they will have an opportunity to become familiar with computer techniques of word processing. The level of each training will be adjusted to the knowledge and experience of program participants. Program will provide its participants with skill allowing for undertaking independent publishing activities. In addition 5 of selected organizations will receive computer equipment facilitating publishing tasks.
All the details regarding the program and application forms are available in the office of the Foundation:
The Polish - Czech - Slovak Solidarity Foundation
5, Szpitalna Str., suite 5, 00-031 Warsaw, Poland
tel. (+48-22) 828 9128 ext. 141, 826 35 98, fax (+48-22) 828 9129