Participants Editorial: From Visegrad Insight Lecture

Visegrad – adventures are closer than you think
Are you bored with the old-framed Europe? Merkozies, Merkonitis, Merkollandes? Are you looking for a fresh perspective and new opportunities?  We are used to look for our role models e.g. to the Greek or French philosophers and to look up to the British or American policymakers, but we only seldom realize that important and interesting role models are closer than we think – coming from Middle or eastern Europe. There was not only Vaclav Havel, but also Lech Walesa and many others – a list that could fill the whole issue of this journal.
V4 countries, being historically connected, might become a New platform for the deeper and further integration, an alternative to the EU for states Beyond the EU
We share a lot of things In common. We follow the same values. Diversified In languages but united in our history. We can work as a bridge between the East and the West. In the area of international relations, Visegrad Insight will try to open these and other related questions with fresh analysis and opinion .Our magazine presents the opportunities for Young people to Express themselves and becomes a New voice of being Heard.
Enjoy and integrate while Reading our magazine! Stay tuned to the latest news in the heart of Europe. Feel free to share your ideas. It’s the place where your voice can be heard.

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