Visegrad Summer School Participants Arrival

Sunday July 1st saw the participants taking part in the eleventh edition of the Visegrad Summer School arrive in Krakow (some arrived on Saturday). Certainly the common theme among the participants upon their entry into Krakow was one of excitement at the prospect of playing a significant role at this year’s event. Welcomed by one of the best days of the year thus far in Krakow, the participant’s expectations were understandably high ahead of the two week programme that awaits them.
A brief introduction session awaited the participants upon their arrival at the Villa. The differing dynamics of the event were discussed and the programme for the opening day of the event on Monday was outlined. Certainly a common theme among the participants was one of excitement and the next two weeks should therefore prove most enlightening. With 46 participants in all, from eleven different countries including; Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Romania, Slovenia and Russia there was certainly an air of anticipation once each participant had encountered one another.
Once the formalities of the introduction were concluded and the meal had finished the participants had the option of watching the Euro 2012 final at the fan-zone in Krakow. A large number of participants numbering around thirty decided to sample this wonderful experience. The game once again saw the brilliance of Spain come to the fore, but for the participants the game provided a terrific excuse for so many people to come together and enjoy Krakow in the midst of football fans from across Europe. An enjoyable night was had by all and with a further two weeks to enjoy each others company.