The Official Opening of the Eleventh edition of the Visegrad Summer: Press Conference and Opening Addresses

The Official Opening of the Eleventh edition of the Visegrad Summer
The opening of the eleventh edition of the Visegrad Summer School began with a press conference outlining the nature of the event and what were the main attractions of the school this year. The press conference was attended by the Director of the Villa Decius Association Danuta Glondys, as well as many influential experts encompassing the entire V4 area. A notable feature of the conference was the role played by Justyna Janowska (PL) and Alexander Onufrak (SK) both participants of this year’s event who were able to share their own personal insights of what it means to be participating at this year’s event.
Their views on the significance of the Visegrad Summer School coupled with the expert’s perspective on the Visegrad area, certainly made for an engaging and interesting press conference. The Opening of VSS was covered by following media – polish TV channel TVN24, regional TV channel TVP Kraków, Radio station Radiofonia and Polish Radio Abroad, daily newspaper Dziennik Polski, Polish Press Agency, Karnet magazine and information portals and BINFO.PL. Once the formalities of the press conference were concluded, the official opening of this year’s event took place. The opening which was led by Danuta Glondys provided a wonderful synopsis of the Visegrad Summer School. In addition to Ms Glondys, other notable speakers included: Aleksander Koj Chairman of the Villa Decius Association, Jerzy Miller Voivode of Malopolska, Representatives of the City Hall and Malopolska Region as well as the Executive Director of the International Visegrad Fund Zbigniew Machej. Each speaker outlined their own personal perspectives on the importance of the Visegrad countries and how critically important events such as the Visegrad Summer School are in maintaining the continued cooperation and growth throughout the V4 area. Once the speeches had concluded, a rapturous applause filled the room and the eleventh edition of the Visegrad Summer School was now truly underway.