Visegrad Summer School Participants Perspective

Visegrad Summer School
The eleventh edition of the Visegrad Summer School which takes in the Villa Decius Association, Krakow from July 1st through until July 14th, promises to be an occasion to remember.
This year sees 48 participants from twelve different European countries taking part in the event, undoubtedly eager to leave their mark on an event that has become one of the premier celebrations of the Visegrad Group. Participants this year travel from the V4 countries, Ukraine, Slovenia, Romania, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Russia and Mongolia. Each participant will undoubtedly be eager to leave their mark on the event.
Below are a few quotes from this year’s participants about their experiences and expectations ahead of this year’s event.
Yulia from Ukraine proclaims: The Visegrad Summer School represents a wonderful opportunity to interact with people of a similar disposition and I am really looking forward to it!
Judit from Hungary maintains: Given the current economic uncertainty facing Europe, I believe it is a useful time to be educated in such affairs.
Maciej from Poland observes: I am interested in the issues of international development, the Scandinavian region and national identity through a historical approach.
Zurab from Georgia declares: I love visiting new places, meeting new people, making social contacts and can confidentially state that I have friends all over the world. I look forward to participating in the summer school.
Justyna from Poland states: My interests are focused on Central European history of the 20th Century, particularly on problematic issues and contemporary historical policy and historical narrations in Central Europe as well as its cultural identity. Furthermore I’m interested in the Visegrad Group, its role in the EU and the foreign policy of its member states.
Monika from Slovakia believes: The VSS represents a wonderful opportunity to engage with like minded individuals and I am really excited to be a participant.
Denisa from Slovakia states: I enjoy meeting new people and creating international friendships. I like people that are talkative, open and active.
Filip from Czech Republic asserts: Watching the situation from Central Europe, one wonders, what the future perspectives for this strategically key region are. My ambition is to become a leading expert and practitioner in this area. Therefore, my goal is to endeavour to enhance my skills and to learn new things.