Visegrad Summer School is "carbon neutral"

We are going to plant 210 trees in Babiogórski National Park

This year The Visegrad Summer School will be a "carbon neutral" event thanks to cooperation with The Aeris Futuro Foundation in the 'Time 4 Forest' Programme. The organisation of the event in the 'carbon neutral' standard includes the estimation of the "carbon footprint", recommendations of minimising it and then offsetting the carbon footprint by planting trees in Babiogórski National Park.

The Aeris Futuro Foundation calculated emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) due to energy consumption, paper use, transportation while organising and conducting The Vishegrad Summer School 2008. The size of it is estimated at 3,3 tons of CO2. Then the Foundation figured out the number of trees to plant in order to compensate the CO2 emission. Participants together with the organisers of the School and The Aeris Futuro Foundation are going to plant 210 tree seedlings on 12th of July in Zawoja in the Babia Góra region. The idea of carbon neutral or green events is very common worldwide - from G8 summits and UE conferences to the concert tours of Pearl Jam. In Poland The Sendzimir Foundation and The Aeris Futuro Foundation started promoting the idea in 2005 and have already organised several events. The carbon neutral Visegrad Summer School 2008 gets a positive public eco-image - it presents an opportunity to educate participants, organisers and suppliers about the benefits of green events.

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