Visegrad Summer School


7th of July, Saturday

Kazimierz district in Krakow...

We are very pleased to share with you this year's Visegrad Summer School programme.


As promised, we...

Your interest in recruitment to the Visegrad Summer School this year was really great! We’ve...

Photos available at the Photogallery section

Enjoy the pictures form the Inauguration Day. Next coming soon.
Author: Paweł Mazur, © Villa Decius Association

Burning issues in the region

László Rajk

Participants Editorial: From Visegrad Insight...

Visegrad – adventures are closer than you think

Regional values

An Evaluation of the E.U. Presidencies. Political...

Another feature of the opening day of the eleventh edition of the Visegrad Sumer School was the Debate, evaluating the E.U. Presidencies of the Visegrad countries.