Statement by Grupa Zagranica on the restriction of civil liberties in Ukraine

Non-governmental organisations involved in international cooperation express their solidarity with Ukrainian society, and appeal to the Polish authorities to react to the restriction of fundamental civil liberties in Ukraine.

On January 16, the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada—in violation of parliamentary procedures—enacted amendments to Ukrainian law which seriously restrict fundamental civil rights and liberties. This new legislation may be deployed against the participants of peaceful demonstrations which have been drawing thousands of citizens out into the streets of Ukrainian cities since November 2013. These amendments are also directed against non-governmental organisations, the independent media, and opposition politicians.

Grupa Zagranica appeals to the Polish authorities to take a firm stand on the Ukrainian authorities’ anti-democratic actions. Organisations express solidarity with Ukrainian society, as well as admiration and respect for the millions of Ukrainians proving every day that their country’s rightful place lies in a United Europe.

Central Europe fit for the future - report by the High-Level Reflection Group

Report presented by Central European Policy Institute in Bratislava and demosEUROPA - Centre for European Strategy in Warsaw. Central Europe is one of the European Union’s most astounding success stories.

"After the Welfare State” the fourth issue of Visegrad Insight

"After the Welfare State” the fourth issue of Visegrad Insight, discusses the question of how we will take care after each other in the future.

Lost in transition or fit for the future? Central Europe Ten Years After EU Accession

Lost in transition or fit for the future?
Central Europe Ten Years After EU Accession

Visegrad Winter Seminar in Győr, Hungary - call for applications

The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the Széchenyi István University in Győr, Hungary organizes a Winter Seminar Law, Politics, Economy and Society

in Central and Eastern Europe between 24-28 February 2014.